We are the fruit of several thousand years of the work of a cosmic and earthly Nature, incredibly imaginative and creative. Man is, obviously, the result of a singular evolution, which continues and which currently positions it, in the history of all species, as the most dangerous predator of all animal creation, putting into endanger all living species (including plants) of the planet Earth. By negligence and self-sufficiency, Man considers himself superior, dissociating himself from the rest of the animal kingdom as if he were no longer part of it, as well as from the ecosystem that has served him as a cradle and which has allowed him to survive during thousands of years, while conquering his planet little by little.

Our memory serves us to program, order, structure, predict, calculate, and solve economic, financial or commercial problems. But we have forgotten that long before us and without us, thousands of living species have lived in total harmony for millions of years. Of course, species died out or mutated well before we came, but these extinctions or mutations occurred over a very long period of time, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. 

Never had the planetary ecosystem been so quickly and as much endangered as since the human industrial era, that is, in barely two centuries! On its own, the exponential global warming caused by the greenhouse gases produced by the industrialized countries, will apparently cause the ocean level to rise by several tens of centimeters before 2050, or even several meters if ice melting occurs in Greenland, in the Arctic and Antarctica in a total way.

That means the irreversible disappearance by swallowing of all maritime countries or those made up of archipelagos by unprecedented waves of tsunamis of unparalleled scale, thus destroying a large part of the continents. 

Before the next 20 years, will we finally act with intelligence but especially with common sense, to remember that the respect and protection of our ecosystem is not a luxury or a simple ethical problem: it is for us of an absolute necessity because it is not only the survival of the animal and vegetable species still alive, but also that of our grandchildren.